Indian student drawn to NZTC’s comprehensive study pathways

Indian student drawn to NZTC’s comprehensive study pathways

Snigdha Jayesh Bhatia

After successfully completing Level 5 and 6 ECE study programs in her home country of India, Snigdha Jayesh Bhatia is thrilled to be onshore in Aotearoa to begin the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) and progress towards New Zealand teacher registration.

“I was drawn to NZTC’s 40 year plus history of empowering students in the field of education, and through NZTC Global’s flexible mode of learning, I was able to finish Level 5 and Level 6 in India, while maintaining a perfect work-life balance.”

While online study was new for Bhatia, the flexible mode, along with extensive support from college staff meant she was able to balance study, work and family commitments.

“Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty seamless and in fact I found it very easy as I could study at convenient times of the day. The online study material was very precise and self-explanatory, not to forget the timely help from the lecturers and Pastoral Support. I quite enjoyed it!”

Bhatia is now settling into her new life in New Zealand’s South Island city of Christchurch and is enjoying every moment. She is looking forward to gaining practical experience in New Zealand ECE centres as she transitions into the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) program.

“I am very excited to get a hands-on experience in education centres in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to exploring the beautiful country, the culture, and learning and exploring new ways to engage with children and form meaningful relationships with the people here.”

She feels privileged to pursue her dream career in New Zealand and is optimistic about the opportunities ahead of her, including the possibility of pursuing a Masters qualification.

“Education in New Zealand is a student-centred pathway that provides continuous learning progression, research opportunities, a matchless quality of life, along with internationally accredited qualifications. Students can progress every year, with their learning at one level setting the foundation for the next steps.”