NZTC celebrates 3,625 early childhood education graduates 

NZTC celebrates 3,625 early childhood education graduates 

In a celebration filled with pride, joy, and unmistakeable NZTC Spirit, New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) honoured the achievements of 3,625 graduates at Auckland’s Victory Convention Centre on October 18. 

It was a day of emotions and expressions of gratitude as the graduates received their well-deserved qualifications, ranging from bachelor’s to master’s degrees. 

Elle Bird, Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)
Elle Bird,
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Elle Bird, student speaker for the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) program eloquently reflected on the journey to this significant milestone, and the special connections formed with fellow students along the way. 

“It’s truly exhilarating to witness what can be accomplished with enthusiasm, dedication, and the pursuit of your dreams.  

“We have all been on this shared journey together, fostering incredible connections and providing unwavering support to one another. We evolved into virtual study buddies, and to this day, we remain friends.” 

Brenda Capistrano, the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) student speaker, captured the essence of the event with her inspiring words. 

Brenda Capistrano, Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE)
Brenda Capistrano,
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE)

“Our graduation has already shown us how capable we all are of accomplishing our goals when we commit ourselves to them. Life is a journey, and we don't stop growing once we get our qualifications.” 

Capistrano emphasised the pivotal role of ECE teachers in shaping the lives of young children, and encouraged her fellow graduates to continue making a positive impact. 

“We bear a significant responsibility for all tamariki. May we continue to empower and help children, passing on valuable life skills, observing and inspiring them to become the person they are meant to be, and helping them reach their full potential.” 

She highlighted how graduation ceremonies are not just about the certificates and degrees, but are a testament to the dedication of students and the support they have received on their educational journey. 

“As we move on from this chapter in our lives, let’s remember to be grateful for the experiences we’ve had, and the people who have supported us along the way.  

“To our NZTC teachers and mentors, who have imparted their knowledge and wisdom upon us, thank you for your invaluable guidance and encouragement. You demonstrated high teaching standards, which is why we are all here today.” 

Several students were commended for their outstanding accomplishments, with special commendations awarded to those who excelled in practice, academics, and exemplifying the values of the college. 


Academic Excellence Award winners included: 
Anna Kuiti (Bachelor of Education (ECE)), Casey Scarlett (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Lydia Campbell (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Hayley McClure (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)) 

Values Award winners included: 
Eden Stone (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Shani Nel (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Michaelle Campbell (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Mikayla Sycamore (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Francis Loto-Nafoi (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE))