Sri Lankan student excited to continue studies in New Zealand

Sri Lankan student excited to continue studies in New Zealand

Marian Fernando

Currently based in Sri Lanka, NZTC Global student, Marian Fernando says she feels well supported on her study journey with the college.

“NZTC holds an excellent academic history of over 40 years, and as the college allows offshore students to study via NZTC Online, I find it very attractive that I’m able to study towards Level 5 and 6 from Sri Lanka.”

Although being over 10,000km away, Fernando says the resources, course content and level of support offered is second to none.

“I like the way NZTC provides so many varied resources to read and refer to in our assessments. Also, the journal reflections after every course topic helps refresh my memory and understanding of the content.

“The lecturers are amazing and they always give valuable feedback on time and suggest ways to improve our grades.”

A feature of NZTC Online is the collaborative Forum Discussions, which Fernando says is preparing her well for her future career in the early childhood sector.

“I find these discussions impressive as we can read other students’ posts and learn new insights. I personally learnt so many things from reading them, and I was able to gain an understanding of the ECE settings in New Zealand, even while studying in Sri Lanka.”

Aware of the benefits of incorporating nature into teaching practice, Fernando is looking forward to making the move to New Zealand, where she plans to pathway into the Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) program.

“I love all nature related work and activities in ECE, and I love being able to closely connect children with nature as I believe this really supports children’s holistic development.

“The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about living and working in New Zealand, is the beautiful green sceneries, which I find very soothing.

“I enjoy spending time with children and I would love to be part of supporting their development working as an ECE teacher in New Zealand. I believe it is the most beautiful and valuable profession.”