Celebrating excellence: NZTC graduation honours award winners

Celebrating excellence: NZTC graduation honours award winners 

Outstanding graduates were acknowledged at NZTC’s graduation ceremonies at Auckland’s Victory Convention Centre last week.  

Nine special commendations were awarded to students who exemplified dedication and excellence throughout their academic journey. 

NZTC_Mikayla Sycamore, a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) graduate
Mikayla Sycamore,
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Mikayla Sycamore, a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) graduate, was one of the recipients of the esteemed Values Award, a recognition that celebrates students who embody the core college values of Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit. 

She was nominated for the award by Academic Dean, Dr Sean Dolan, who emphasised her competence, strong work ethic, and conscientiousness in her academic pursuits.  

“Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her outstanding grades. With an unwavering dedication to her studies, Mikayla’s remarkable academic achievements are a testament to her hard work and commitment to learning.” 

NZTC_Hayley McClure, a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) graduate
Hayley McClure,
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

When asked what receiving the award meant to her, Mikayla expressed immense gratitude and pride.  

“I was very, very touched, it made me rather emotional and extremely proud! I put my heart and soul into each and every assignment, making sacrifices to ensure I gave my best, and it was so rewarding having that acknowledged. 

“If ever I doubt myself in my professional journey, I will remember the moment of receiving this award!” 

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) graduate, Hayley McClure, was honoured with the Academic Excellence Award, awarded to the student with the highest grades. 

Hayley expressed her surprise and gratitude, acknowledging the support she received during her studies. 

“Receiving this award is definitely an unexpected honour and privilege, one that I truly believe would not have been achievable without the support I have attained from my fellow students, kaiako, and whānau.  

“The fundamental knowledge and guidance I have received from each and every one of you throughout my teaching and learning journey will forever be appreciated, and I could not have achieved this award without your support!” 


Full list of award winners: 

Academic Excellence Award winners:  
Anna Kuiti (Bachelor of Education (ECE)), Casey Scarlett (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Lydia Campbell (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Hayley McClure (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE))  

Values Award winners:  
Eden Stone (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Shani Nel (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Michaelle Campbell (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Mikayla Sycamore (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)), Francis Loto-Nafoi (Bachelor of Teaching (ECE))